Volunteer artwork?

Hi there. I apologise if this message is too forward. I'm an artist in the community (usually under the name FluffyXai, among others) and I was wondering if it'd be possible to volunteer to make artwork for your card game?

I've been interested in BUCK: Legacy ever since I first saw it, which I believe was one of the recent times you were at MCM in London. (I live in Southampton). and actually I'm saving to buy a copy of the game. I love the artwork provided to your game by the talented artists, and I spoke to Atryl briefly about what it was like working with you and he said he loved it.

From what he told me, it seems you usually contact artists you're interested in, so again I apologise if I seem rude for messaging the group like this.

But if you would like to have a look at my pony art you can find it here: http://fluffyxai.tumblr.com/

It would be a huge pleasure to contribute to your work, but if you aren't interested, then that's fine too. Thanks again.