Buck: Legacy 1st Edition was the first public release of the card game, manufactured by the Whitehall Printing Company. The original set of Buck: Legacy was comparatively simple compared to 2nd Edition. It was followed by the 1st Edition Expansion.


Dubbed as 'Project Winter', Buck: Legacy began as a board game centred around the three pony races: Earth, Pegasus and Unicorn, fighting a desperate battle for survival in the face of a brutal winter.

After numerous attempts at creating a tile placing dungeon exploration game; Buck: Legacy became a card game and the pre-alpha Edition Zero was produced, followed closely by 1st Edition.

The Original Set

The classic version of the game came with:


The original set as it came, no box.

  • 144 cards.
  • A Buck coin.
  • A wax sealed letter inviting the customer to become an Adventurer.
  • 9 very small dice (4 black and 5 white).
  • A drywipe marker (red/black/blue/green).
  • 6 Ultrapro clear card sleeves
  • A black and white rulebook.
  • A purple velvet bag.

B.U.C.K 2013

The sets where launched at BUCK 2013 and sold incredibly well. The creator, Harrison 'Urban' Hochkins attended a game development panel. So many people where playing Buck: Legacy that multiple games where set up in every room of the convention and competed for space to sit and play, one security guard ejected a group of players who had setup a game in the convention hall's lift.


The game was received well, and the last of the sets where sold in September 2014 as backer rewards during the 1st Edition Expansion Kickster. Because the game sold out, the expansion was heavily demanded.

In late 2014, a box of sealed copies where discovered and put on sale, there are currently less than 40 new copies left in the online store 1st Edition is sold out forever.

Gameplay Problems

The original version had a fatal flaw that needed to be addressed: Players played it excessively. Often ignoring the game's somewhat ambiguous ending conditions and carried on playing for up to 3-4 hours, far beyond it's 30 minute time limit. This issue was corrected in the 1st Edition Expansion.

The game also lacked Bosses, which was corrected in the 1st Edition Expansion.


  • The Buck coins where hand-assembled badges with their pins removed.
  • The first ~50 rulebooks where hand-assembled and where stapled together.