Abyssal Fortress
The Abyssal Gate, inside the Fortress
Geographical location
Vital statistics
Type Stronghold
Level Unknown
Location Eastern Loria
Inhabitants Blackguard

The Abyssal Fortress is a large structure that houses the gateway to the Abyssal Realm, with huge cannons and arbalests zeroed on it's flaming opening. The elite order of Blackguard are based here, and fight anything that attempts to break free, as well as anyone who dares to enter the fortress without invitation.


The Abyssal Fortress is east of Loria, close to the border of the Old Kingdom in a valley of mountains and great lakes.


The Fortress's primary purpose is to contain demons inside the Abyssal Realm, using a vast garrison of elite Blackguard infantry and well supplied weapons.

It provides a strategic position for armies to resupply on their journey to the front lines to fight the Nagapon attempting to break out of the Old Kingdom.