Abyssal Realm
Portal to the Abyssal Realm
Geographical location
Vital statistics
Type Underworld
Level Unknown
Location Inside the Abyssal Fortress
Inhabitants Demons

The Abyssal Realm is the Underworld; a place of darkness, fire and smoke. It is a hellish landscape of rocky crags and flaming pools of lava, there is no sun in the underworld - All light comes from flaming husks and lava pits. To add to this foreboding atmosphere, the realm is alive with warped and nightmarish monsters covered in boiled flesh and bare bone. It is considered the most deadly and inhospitable location in Loria and possibly the world of Buck: Legacy.


The Abyssal Realm can only be accessed from the Abyssal gateway, located in the Abyssal Fortress, which is guarded day and night by members of the Blackguard.

The Portal

The gateway itself stands 30 feet high and is crafted from an unidentified black marble that is impervious to any type of damage, including fire, explosions and tesla. The marble is hot to the touch, and rain hisses and fizzles to nothing on contact. It is shaped like a large doorframe, with two unbreakable darksteel chains anchoring a pair of doors open. A fiendish demon skull and claws of marble sits on top. No machine or magic is capable of lifting or damaging the portal or the chains that anchor it open. A swirling vortex of flame is found inside the doorframe, from which fire, howls and demonic monsters come through. The vortex is a thin veil of flame and easily passed through without sustaining injury, the other side is a small staging area with hastily built brick defence lines and spikes - which are frequently damaged by demons.


It is believed that portal was opened during the age of Loran the Conqueror, and the great fortress built around it in order to stop the monsters inside escaping. The Blackguard order was founded at roughly the same time, and have guarded it ever since. The portal's purpose has never been discovered, nor has which side it was opened from. Any attempts to build walls to block the entrance are easily shattered by demons.


Blackguard lead excursions into the Abyssal Realm to attempt to discover it's meaning, but are now more focused on learning about the monsters that inhabit the realm and wether they pose a threat to the safety of Loria. Citizens are never permitted to approach the castle, let alone the portal. Adventurers who prove themselves capable are hired by Watch Commander Elia to enter the realm on the Blackguard's behalf and find out anything they can.

Akharr M'Ran

A Dungeon Boss is found here, a demonic Titan called Akharr M'Ran; the second hardest boss in Buck: Legacy.

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