Adventurers are the main focus of Buck: Legacy. They are mercenaries, explorers and fearsome fighters. Adventurers are controlled by players and they are comprised of Character Creation cards. Adventurers are strong and courageous and do not back down easily. Citizens of Loria respect and admire their abilities, and many depends upon them for survival.

Adventurers also come in a variety of Races.

Legendary Adventurers

In the past, Loria relied on the might of the three legendary adventurers who fought Dragons and Changeling monsters.


There are many subcategories of Adventurer, they are split into generic classes:

Description Image
Alchemists study Transmutation magic, they are able to merge items with magical properties together and retain the specific properties of one or both items. All Alchemists are trained in the Universitarium in Urbem Sanctem and serve tours of duty in the Alchemist Corps.
Clerics are devout followers of an ancient order of battle monks. Their work is highly lucrative, too. Many Clerics may dress simply and modestly, but most of them are very wealthy. Their primary skills include healing and smite.
Druids are simplistic Lorians who live on the edge of the Verdigris Forest where they come into frequent contact with Shinto Deer and exchange cultures and herbal recipes. They have no care for gold and prefer the quiet respite of a babbling brook or orchard of trees. Their signature ability is Polymorph, which can yield unexpected results.
Hot Blooded. Every story can have multiple Heroes, but in an epic saga, there exists one hero who passes into legend. These legends call upon unimaginable powers when they need it most, and always get back up after being beaten to within an inch of their life. These are the Hot Blooded Adventurers. The kind of hero whose energy can be seen and felt as a strong Aura around their person; they're loud, they're relentless, and they're prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Necromancers are devout followers of an ancient order of Chaos mages. Their work is looked down upon by the Mage's Guild, but it's practice is necessary for learning more about Abyssal Demons. Popularity of Necromancers has sharply declined recently since Chaos magic barely effects Nagapon and especially since Arch-Necromancer Ebony Bloodrose went rogue, throwing the guild into complete disarray.
Pirates are fun-loving Adventurers who love good food, good company and excessive grog. Their destructive habits make them hardy Adventurers and keen looters. Many Pirates are raised on seafaring ships that run in and out of the Sludgestone Sea.

Rangers operate alone in the wilderness and have learned the neccesary skills to survive off the land. They excel at ranged combat.

Rogues are streetwise grifters, using their talents to steal and scam their way through life. Growing up in the sprawling streets of Urbem Sanctem gives them natural abilities as Adventurers, able to blend into shadows and slip gold from a purse without arousing suspicion.
Stalkers are highly trained scouts. They are orphans picked off the streets at a young age and formed into an elite reconnaissance corps, they finish their training with several tours with the Blackguard as they venture into the Abyssal Gateway. They frequently deposit portions of their earnings to fund more recon corps recruitment.
Steampunkers are highly intelligent students of the Universitarium. They study practical Gauss and Oscillator applications. Gauss being ancient advanced weaponry and Oscillator being Tesla powered modern weapons based on Gauss technology. They carry large Tesla canisters and can acquire Tesla energy from their personal workshops at no cost.
Warriors are the strongest and most disciplined of all the Adventurer subclasses. They can strike an enemy tens of times and kill them before they hit the ground. Equally adept in swordplay, heavy weapons, guns, bows or magic staves, they are great all-rounders.
Witch Doctors are aloof, strange and fearsome Adventurers. They are adorned in boneflour tribal paints and dried flesh totems that give them an eerie presence and unpleasant scent. Their combat abilities are terrifying, with unpredictable combat styles, war cries and weapons coated in powerful toxins.

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