Huge, powerful and terrifyingly ugly, Akharr is a demonic titan capable of bringing the Blackguard's impenetrable fortress to ruin. Being a demon, all this monster knows is feeding, and little can stop it consuming every living creature in sight. The more it consumes, the more powerful it becomes, allowing it to grow to sizes previously unseen.


Akharr stands at a titanic 35 feet and is speculated to weigh at least 16 tons. It is a bipedal demon that resembles a salmon pink hairless ape. It's eye sockets have been gutted and only hollow puss filled sacs remain, clogged with Blackguard spears and arrows. A pair of goatish horns made of blackened bone protrude from it's misshapen head; pockmarked with polyps and sores. It's mouth is filled with devastatingly sharp teeth that damage it's own mouth and tongue when chewing, it's own blood and mucus drips from it's gaping jaws when idle. It's oversized body retains a considerable buildup of heat from the Abyssal Realm, which vents through open wounds in the form of steam.


  • Akharr's original design had to be heavily censored for being 'too grotesque'.