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Blackguard are an elite military branch stationed at the Abyssal Fortress. Their primary duty is defending against Monsters who emerge from the Abyssal Realm, their secondary duties include defence of the fortress and Loria.

Blackguard are trained in almost every type of weapon and each one is mentally conditioned to fight ferociously. They move with incredible speed, despite their heavy armour and have impressive magical defence. These exceptionally battle hardened soldiers have skills comparable to an Adventurer's

They are rarely seen in-game, since most of their duties is stemming the flow of Nagapon across the Lorian borders. It is implied that Blackguard commanders hire Adventurer mercenaries to support Blackguard excursions and bolster defences. The nature of the work is very lucrative for any Adventurer brave enough - That's if they survive.

Watch Commander Elia

Elia is the Commander of the Watch stationed at the Abyssal Fortress.

See full article Watch Commander Elia.

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  • Blackguard cards are the most requested for possible future expansions.

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