Bosses are the most important aspect of Buck: Legacy, they are Purple cards that are found on the opposite side to Area cards. Each Boss is seen as a threat to the safety of Loria, and have the highest bounties, alive or (preferably) death.

They count as Monsters with a Hit Point value, who also have a powerful Dungeon Boss Attack mechanic.

Red Dice Result Dungeon Boss Attack
1 Stumble: Monster suffers -1 to it's combat rolls.
2 Normal Strike: No effect.
3 Ferocious Assault: Monster gains +1 to it's combat rolls.
4 Barrage: If the Adventurer's Armour Level < Monster's level = Adventurer becomes incapacitated.
5 Ground Pound: Adventurers without 'flight' suffer -2 to their combat rolls.
6 Monster uses it's 'Unique Skill'.

In a standard game, when 2 Bosses are defeated; the game ends.

Giant Enemy Crab

Difficulty: Beginner

Description: A massive crab that appeared in the Sludgestone Shores, it is a meat eating crab that uses it's large claws to terrorise the harbour folk.

See full article: Giant Enemy Crab.

Akharr M'Ran

Difficulty: Advanced

Description: An enormous demon that lives in the Abyssal Realm. It has been blocking Blackguard missions into the underworld.

See full article: Akharr M'Ran.

Changeling Brood Monarch

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: A mindless Changeling spawning monster, the brood monarch lays and cares for Changeling eggs.

See full article: Changeling Brood Monarch.

Dark Forest Cockatrice

Difficulty: Beginner

Description: A dangerous mythical creature that has taken up residence in the Black Lily Grove, it has a strange magical power to petrify it's enemies.

See full article: Dark Forest Cockatrice.

Ebony Bloodrose

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: A beautiful unicorn who has turned her back on the Mage's Guild and pursued her own dark path.

See full article: Ebony Bloodrose.

Valaria of Harrenstone

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: An aggressive and skilled commander of the Nagapon who will stop at nothing to occupy Loria.

See full article: Valaria.

Valvor the Devourer

Difficulty: Advanced

Description: The supreme emperor of the Nagapon, Valvor is the ultimate enemy of Loria.

See full article: Valvor.

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