The Buck: Legacy Tabletop RPG was a project that was cancelled mid-development, despite being advertised in the Buck: Legacy 1st Edition Expansion Rulebook.

Released content reveals that the game would have used the Ubiquity system.

Scuttled assets where used in Buck: Legacy 2nd Edition.


Roan is a Pulp Adventure RPG, set in the 1920s-40s.

It was formed using scuttled gameplay mechanic assets from the Buck: Legacy Tabletop RPG.

Many of the artists who work on Buck: Legacy also feature in Roan, including AphexAngel, Dhui, Mindy and Stedilnik.

Roan's Kickstarter will feature a limited edition Promotional Card from Buck: Legacy.

Roan's is considered by fans to be the spiritual sequel to Buck: Legacy.