Dark Ambition
Release Date October 2015
Cards 14
Theme Dark/Evil

Dark Ambition is a Dark/Evil themed expansion for Buck: Legacy 2nd Edition. it was the 3rd a final expansion in Wave 1.

Dark Ambition re-introduces a new race: Deer which uses a completely different ruleset than in the Buck: Legacy 1st Edition expansion.

Card List (Updated to the 2017 re-release)

DKA-001 Shinto Deer Character Creation Card Race
DKA-002 Shinto Deer Character Creation Card Race
DKA-003 Crusader's Catalyst Starter Weapon Weapon
DKA-004 Monk's Mantle Item Card Hat
DKA-005 Crusader's Crossbow Item Card Misc
DKA-006 Eye of Ra-Mun Item Card Weapon
DKA-007 Blackguard Lancer Helm Item Card Event
DKA-008 Changeling Blackguard Dungeon Card Monster
DKA-009 Changeling Companion Dungeon Card Monster
DKA-011 Eclipse, Sword of Darkness Treasure Card Blade
DKA-012 Aquilus, Spear of Light
Treasure Card
DKA-013 Silverhollow
DKA-014 Middenburg
*DKA-010 is removed from the 2017 re-release


  • During development of the Buck: Legacy 1st Edition expansion, two expansions where produced: Dark Ambition and Frontier. Both of these where scuttled to form the Buck: Legacy 1st Edition expansion.
  • DKA-012 "Gungir" is the alternate spelling of Gungnir as Gungnir can be spelt in several ways.

List of Expansions for Buck: Legacy 2nd Edition