Demons, like Phantasms and Undead are apparitions of chaos, and come from a number of sources depending on their type. All these creatures have one thing in common: they hate the living and will stop at nothing to sap a living being's life energy until they expire.

Demons are relatively rare, as all demons come from the Abyssal Realm. The gateway to the Abyssal Realm is found in the Abyssal Fortress, demons occasionally wander through the gate and are intercepted by Blackguard.


Demons are physical monsters that live in the Abyssal Realm. They are made of fleshy skin and blackened bones - seared by the heat generated in the Abyss. They are hairless, revealing their naked veiny skin riddled with pussy worts and pulsating polyps. They are exclusively carnivores and consume meat to grow in size, as a result, some demons can grow to monstrous sizes.

Akharr M'Ran

When demons grow larger, they're more capable of collecting food, allowing them to grow exponentially. One such demon that is growing at a high rate is Akharr M'Ran. The Blackguard have designated this demon as a highly dangerous threat that needs to be disposed of before it grows any larger. See full article Akharr M'Ran

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