Depth Charge
Depth charge
Release Date August 2015
Cards 14
Theme Water

Depth Charge is the 1st expansion in Wave 1 for Buck: Legacy 2nd Edition and the 1st to be released.

The expansion is water-themed and features 14 cards.

Depth Charge introduces a new race: Shark Pony.

Card List

DPC-001 Shark Pony Character Creation Card Race
DPC-002 Shark Pony Character Creation Card Race
DPC-003 Tome of Arcane Thunder Item Card Weapon
DPC-004 Abyssal Legion Bevor Item Card Hat
DPC-005 Treasure Chest Key Item Card Misc
DPC-006 Harpoon Item Card Weapon
DPC-007 Middenburg Merchant Dungeon Card Event
DPC-008 Treasure Trove Dungeon Card Event
DPC-009 Squid of Squeezing Dungeon Card Monster
DPC-010 Oceanspray Nilwurm Dungeon Card Monster
DPC-011 Creeping Water Elemental Dungeon Card Monster
DPC-012 Mutinous Intent Dungeon Card Boon
DPC-013 The Kraken Dungeon Card Monster
DPC-014 Water Temple / Baridaria Area /Dungeon Boss


  • ITM-058 Abyssal Legion Bevor closely resembles Harbour Princess from the popular browser based game Kancolle. It's name is also appears to be in reference to 'Abyssal' enemies in the game. The leaked card's special effect is most likely a placeholder.

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