Dungeon cards are purple cards that represent the actual Adventure taking place. Players draw them and resolve them in Buck initiative order. Dungeon cards include the types: Event, Boon, Curse and Monster.


An Event is a non-combat situation that usually involves one or more Adventurers. It usually involves randomly determined loot. A secondary type of event includes 'trap'. Traps require trap tests with harsh punishments for failure. Rogue-class Adventurers may ignore any Event effects if they choose to.


Boons are temporary buffs to an Adventurer, they provide extra effects until they are discarded at the end of the Adventure Turn. A secondary type of Boon includes 'companions'. Players may only attach a companion if they pass a charisma test, noted on each card. If they fail the charisma test; the Dungeon Card is discarded.


Curses are temporary debuffs to an Adventurer, they reduce an Adventurer's combat effectiveness and their abilities. Curses have no secondary types. They can be destroyed using the magic rank 3 spell 'Dispel'. Being cursed provides a benefit, as a cursed player is awarded medals for fighting with a handicap.


Monsters are violent creatures that attack players, defeating them yields large rewards, such as loot, gold pieces, skull/distance counters and other benefits. See full article, Monsters.

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