Ebony Bloodrose is a recognised enemy of Loria. She's powerful enough to fight as many as six Adventurers simultaneously and still win. She dresses provocatively to disarm her opponents.


According to Queen Lunanne, Ebony is a dangerous liar and incredibly manipulative. She fights Blackguard frequently, as well as being investigated by the Batpony corps. She has seriously injured many Lorian citizens, possibly killing a lot more. She spends most of her time isolated from Loria in the Ochy Wicce Caves, where she raises the dead to do her bidding.


Ebony is a Unicorn pony with light creamy fur, with a purple mane. Her Mana Aura is Lime Green. She wears a Demon's skull as a Mana Catalyst, as an undesired side-effect, she is constantly haunted by two or more Demonic Phantasms. She is commonly seen with black or fishnet stockings and laced underwear.