Edition Zero cards

Edition Zero was a pre-alpha build of Buck: Legacy. There exists roughly 2 copies of the full game and 70-100 copies of the first booster pack of 15 cards.

When Buck: Legacy was initially announced, it was going to be a print-on-demand game manufactured at thegamecrafter.

B.U.C.K 2012

The sets of 15 cards where sold at BUCK 2012, a convention held in the UK. These sets included the same classes and races as the 1st Edition without the Ranger and instead had 'Undead' as a playable class.


A prototype booster box.

Following the success of B.U.C.K, the templates where improved, the game system was updated and the game switched manufacturer, making Edition Zero cards obsolete.


  • Sets exist with placeholder names used before the decision to name the game Buck: Legacy was confirmed. These names included 'Buck', 'Eternia' and 'Awesomequest'.