Buck: Legacy players are welcome to upload their own house rules to this wikia page.

Extra Damage

Created by: Loopsorspool

This rule is exactly what it says on the tin, a way to deal with those monsters with multiple HP like the bosses and that darn Nagapon Queen. With this rule in effect, it is possible to deal an additional damage by getting what is called a raise. To get a raise you need a combat roll of 4 more than the enemies roll. For clarification reasons, a combat roll is defined as your strength, dice modifier and the die's number. For extra power, you may choose to have the possibility of multiple raises, one for each 4 over the enemies number.

Exploding Dice

Created by: Loopsorspool

You have the perfect cleric build going, but then you notice your strength, But not to worry, if you get lucky you too, can damage the boss! With this rule in effect, rolling a six for combat means you can roll it again and add the new number to your combat roll. Depending on how lucky your group decides rolling a six is, roll modifiers may be added to the second roll instead of the first. But be wary, when playing with this rue, this means the monsters can get higher rolls too!

Dueling / PvP

Created by: Loopsorspool

Tired of someone taking your loot because they have priority? This aims to give you a chance to get that item from them if they don't feel like trading. Once per market phase, for one market phase action, you may challenge one other player. If they accept, the game proceeds into a duel. Each player in the duel rolls their combat and whoever gets the highest number wins. The winner may take one item from the loser. If the group feels like the game is too friendly, you may let the players duel at the end of a boss fight for the treasure and medals.


Created by: Loopsorspool

Have a magic rank of more than 3? The core rules have nothing that deal with this possibility, but luckily you now this option. When you have more than three magic ranks you get the ability cast spells for reduced cost. For every ranks after the third you may cast spells from the corresponding magic rank chart for one less mana. In exmaple if you have one extra rank you can cast rank one spells for one less mana, two extra you can cast rank one and two spells for one less mana, so on and so forth.