Gauss is an early form of energy adapted by the ancient occupants of Loria. It is created using crystallised mana and can be 'programmed' using complex sigils and 'logic machines'.

The technology to build and program Gauss has been long lost, but Steampunk Artificer students at the Universitarium studying Gauss have made many advances in the growing scientific field of Tesla

Gauss robots are large steel automatons with simple programming, able to recharge their Gauss power crystals simply by remaining stationary. As they go undisturbed for hundreds of years in sealed dungeons, they are usually fully charged and combat-ready when they come into contact with Adventurers.


Description Image
Knight Knights are designed to accompany VIPs during battles and fight alongside them.

It is said that Knights protected Loran during his daring raids.


Sentries are stationed to guard from intruders. They crush anything that comes into their detection range using their large metal fists. Often standing without moving for hundreds of years at a time.

Turret Attached to walls, floors or ceilings, Turrets use large Ion Blasters to shoot intruders, they are not able to move from their positions.

These aggressive scorpion-like robots use large claws to chop intruders in half.

The scissor-like claws can slice through steel.


These uncommon Gauss robots patrol the underground plumbing systems in Harrenstone.

Since they run out of energy quickly, they are easily extracted and installed in Urbem Sanctem.



  • Tesla technology is based on Gauss technology.

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