Heartsbane was one of the three Legendary Adventurers of ancient Loria. Heartsbane was a powerful Unicorn who perfected much of the magic Loria uses today and used it to defeat the ancient Dragons and unite the pony races.  


Heartsbane was an angry, violent and temperamental warrior who relished in death and destruction with little regard for life. Historians have questioned how such a twisted individual would be welcomed by Loran. Heartsbane's gender is ambiguous; with some scriptures from the era refer to Heartsbane as male and some refer to them as female. 


Heartsbane was a Unicorn with a spring green coat and cyan/white streaked mane. The most startling features where Heartsbane's forelimbs, which have appeared to be Transmuted into steel rending claws. Heartsbane is always depicted wearing dull grey heavy iron armour with a half-helm branded in a golden sigil. 

Magical Prowess

Heartsbane had unmatched magic talent, and is understood to have invented Transmutation and Advanced Spellcasting.  

Therefore Heartsbane is considered the patron of the Alchemist and Necromancer/Cleric adventurer sub-classes. 

Age of the Dragons (Inc the Dredgedeep Incident)

While fighting the Dragons atop the mountains of Loria, the legendary adventurers had trouble fighting changeling monsters. A huge hive of changelings had built a vast civilisation in northern Loria during the Age of the Dragons. The sheer number of Changelings (who can fly, use magic and shape-shift) where so great that not even the legendary adventurers could fight them. 

Heartsbane experimented with dark magics and summoned apparitions of pure hatred and lament and created a spell unlike any other; weaving a huge storm of corrosive rain and toxic mana, Heartsbane unleashed a hideous storm that reduced the civilisation and it's changeling citizens to a pool of poisonous goop and mutated horrors.  

The killing of non-combatants infuriated Ponryu, who could not allow such a dangerous spell to be used again and attacked Heartsbane. The ensuing fight caused so much damage that Loran was forced to banish Heartsbane and Ponryu. Heartsbane was eventually banished to the east.  


  • In the original game, Heartsbane was going to be the final boss. 

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