In Buck: Legacy, Items are blue cards that represent weapons or armour in an Adventurer's inventory. They are characterised by the following features:



When purchasing items from the shop, this is their fixed value in gold pieces (g). When selling items to other players, players can specify their own amounts, the 'buy' value is useful for a guideline.


When selling items in the Market Turn, this is the item's fixed value in gold pieces (g).


Adventurers can only be equipped with 1 Bulky piece of equipment and any number of Light pieces of equipment.


Armour levels and Combat Strength bonuses are noted at the bottom of the card in this field.

Special Effect

Each item has a special effect which confers additional abilities to the user.

Primary Type

Apart from Single-Use Items, each Adventurer may only equip one of the following:

Type Description Icon
Weapon Provides Adventurers with additional Combat Strength.
Armour Provides Adventurers with Armour Levels.
Miscellaneous Extra equipment that provides bonus effects.
Eyewear Rarer equipment that provides buffs.
Hat Cosmetic equipment that can provide useful effects.
Single-Use Item Stored in the player's hand, Single-Use Items can be used at any time.

Secondary Types

These elements come into effect when applying Weakness and Resistance.

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