There are three legendary adventurers who founded Loria hundreds of years ago:

Each legendary adventurer killed at least one dragon by themselves, which makes them theoretically stronger than Akharr M'Ran and Valvor the Devourer.

Ancient History

The three legendary adventurers where united and led by Loran the Conqueror. They travelled the globe together in epic quests to gather isolated pony clans and lead them to the safe haven of Loria.

Each pony clan that arrived in Loria brought new technology and culture.

The legendary adventurers fought together for years and traces of their bloody heritage can be found in other race's scriptures and religious testaments as creatures of great strength and resolve.

The Divide

Heartsbane and Ponryu had a rivalry that grew into a rift that seperated the legendary adventurers. These two rivals clashed in an enormous battle that shook the foundations of Loria down to the bedrock.

Loran had no choice but to banish his closest friends to opposite ends of the world, where they where never heard from again.