Loran the Conqueror or Loran the Red was the founder of Loria and one of the three legendary adventurers who worked alongside an army of Gauss robots and soldiers equipped with advanced magic to defeat the Dragons that preyed over Loria. Historians believe that he comes from the lands beyond the Kiln Flats.


Historians suggest that Loran and his legendary adventurers led the armies from the frontline, cutting down waves of opponents far in front of his main force or vaulting city walls by themselves and running amok in the streets, leaving the army simply to mop up remaining resistance.


Loran was a Pegasus pony with snow coloured fur and golden eyes. His Mana Aura was a dark bloody red. His battledress comprised of a long flowing ash and smoke coloured cloak laced with a trim of pure gold, for protection he relied on a woven red mithril mantle laced with gold. His preferred weapons where a matched pair of slashing talons.

Advanced Technology

Loran has access to a huge arsenal of advanced weaponry, mainly Gauss robots. He ordered the construction of numerous Gauss turrets to surround the borders of the kingdom and other defensive measures, some of the turrets in Sentinel Bay are still operational and bombard Meowmyr vessels.

He is considered the patron of Steampunk, Pirate and Rogue adventurers.

Age of the Dragons

When Lorian arrived at what is now the Old Kingdom, he found the mountain pass to Loria swarming with Dragons. While engineers erected the city of Harrenstone (mostly underground to provide cover from sweeps of Dragonfire) Loran, Heartsbane and Ponryu and the exhausted armies climbed the mountains and one by one, pulled the Dragons from their labyrinthian dwellings and slay them. After years of grinding attrition and daily Dragon attacks on the city and smaller nearby settlements, the remaining Dragons fled Loria forever.


  • The artist, Hinoraito calls him "Frosted Shreddies".

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