A Unicorn pony using a metal staff as a catalyst to further improve her magical ability

In the world of Buck: Legacy, all races are capable of using magic. Magic is the manipulation of natural energy that flows across the world which all creatures are sensitive to. Any creature can use magic provided they have an object to channel that energy through, called a Catalyst, most ponies use a Staff or Wand as a Catalyst, and Unicorns have the added benefit of a horn, which acts as a built-in Catalyst.

Using Mana

All creatures can manipulate the natural magic flow that courses through the world's Ley Lines. But each Adventurer has a limit to the amount they can use before exhausting themselves. Casting spells puts enormous strain on the user's body, which can seriously injure the spellcaster. By equipping more efficient Catalysts; Adventurers are able to use magic for longer.


Transmutation is practiced by Alchemists and is a form of Geometric Magic. It does not create strain on the user or require a catalyst because the spellcaster uses geometric shapes to manipulate the flow of magic. It does, however, take time to write the complicated symbols.


There are several magical elements in Buck: Legacy which effect a character's ability to fight a monster. Flame beats Nature. Thunder beats Aqua. Holy beats Undead. Chaos is weak against Nagapon.

See full article Weakness and Resistance.

Magic Ranks

Adventurers wielding powerful catalysts can cast complex spells. All Adventurers start at Magic Rank 0 and gain gain and lose ranks depending on what they're holding. Below is a chart displaying all the magical spells in an Adventurer's arsenal.

Magic Chart

Rank 1 Spell Mana cost Effect
Spark 1 Target weapon deals Thunder damage .
Ember 1 Target weapon deals Flame damage .
Smite (Cleric Only) 1 Target weapon deals Holy damage .
Protect 2 Chosen Adventurer gains Armour level 4 (which stacks normally).
Magic Missile 3 Once per combat phase. Target monster suffers 1 instant damage.
Rank 2 Spell Mana cost Effect
Force Shunt 3 Once per combat phase: Re-roll target dice.
Crystal Wings 2 Target Adventurer gains flight.
Flash 2 Activate when an Adventurer fails an escape test. Re-roll that escape test.
Heal (Cleric Only) 2 Target an incapacitated Adventurer and rez them.
Mana Bolt 3 Once per combat phase. Target monster suffers 1 instant damage.

Rank 3 Spell

Mana Cost Effect
Power Surge 3 Increase any dice roll by +1.
Dispel 2 Target a curse card attached to an Adventurer and discard it.
Null Zone 4 Negate all monster's special effects until the end of the combat phase.
Unyielding 3 Once per combat phase: Target monster's combat rolls suffer -1.
Corrosive Storm 4 Once per combat phase: All monster's levels are reduced by 1.


  • In Buck: Legacy, Thunder is the power of lightning. While the actual definition of thunder is the sound that lightning produces.
  • In Buck: Legacy's 1st Edition, the 'Mana Potion' card had a printing error, the card provided Tesla instead of Mana. A replacement card with the error corrected was provided in the 1st Edition Expansion.


  • Magic can be cast at any time (provided it has no restrictions, such as 'during a Combat phase' or 'Explore phase'.
  • Spells can be cast multiple times in a row (provided it has no restrictions, such as 'once per ___ phase'.

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