Nagapon are the main antagonist forces in Buck: Legacy. They are a race of sentient, but violent pony-snake hybrid monsters. Their diet consists of animal flesh, including ponies and other Nagapon.


A Nagapon's top half resembles that of a pony, and where the legs would start is replaced by a short snake-like tail. Just like Buck: Legacy ponies, Nagapon are able to hold objects in their forehoofs, allowing them to hold weapons such as a spears, swords, shields and crossbows.


Nagapon appeared roughly 9 years before Buck: Legacy takes place. Sentries stationed at the Obsidian Citadel outpost located the mass migration of Nagapon on their approach towards Loria. Unfortunately, by the time Queen Lunanne was informed and her armed forces mobilised; Nagapon has already occupied up to Harrenstone. Thanks to the quick thinking of the Blackguard and conscripts from nearby villages, the Nagapon's advanced was halted at the mountain pass, which has been contested since.

Military and Culture

Nagapon are a war-like race that have no distinction between military and culture; each Queen operates her brood as one large army and uses to it control her own territory. It is theorised that multiple autonomous civilisations of Nagapon could exist elsewhere on the planet. The army has distinctive castes that separate the elite from the mundane.

In Nagapon culture, anyone perceived as weak is cannibalised by healthy opportunists, this includes slaves, crippled and the elderly.

Type Caste Description Image

Labour Caste

Part of the 'Labour Caste', Workers form the backbone of the Nagapon army. Workers are the smallest and weakest example of Nagapon and are used for labour roles such as mining, hunting and smithing.

Warrior Caste (Low)

Soldiers are part of the 'Warrior Caste' and make up the core strength of Nagapon armed forces, their 'training' consists of a lifetime of infighting amongst each other until they're mature enough to fit into armour.
Vanguard Warrior Caste (High) The more respected/feared members of the Warrior Caste become the Vanguard, who act as team leaders for detachments of Soldiers. They are bestowed more ornate equipment to show their elevated status.
Pyromancer Noble Caste Flame-manipulators that form personal retinues for the Royal Caste.
Sorcerer Noble Caste Teaches spellcasters how to attune magic and accompanies members of the Royal Caste as advisors.
Princess Royal Caste (Low) Younger Princesses accompany the Queen until they are old enough to command. It is generally understood that to earn the rite to become the next Queen, they must show courage, leadership and tenacity. The strongest are given retinues and frontline duties, with the most ambitious leading expeditions into Loria. The rest oversee the Worker population.
Queen Royal Caste (High) There can only be one acting Queen at a time, the current Queen is Valaria of Harrenstone.
Emperor Supreme Ruler Very little is known about the Emperor, as he resides in the Obsidian Citadel in the most eastern point of The Old Kingdom. It is reported that he towers over 10 meters high and swallows his victims alive, whole.