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Ponryu was one of the three legendary adventurers of ancient Loria. he was a powerful pegasus who was unmatched in combat skill, he passed on techniques and mantras that the warriors and Blackguard of Loria still use in their doctrines to this day. He specialised in covert operations.


Ponryu was a reserved, loyal and faithful companion in those early dark days. He enjoyed quiet contemplation and isolated meditation to ready his mind for the battlefield. His passions where dedicated to improving himself and helping others improve themselves; he was always depicted with a disciple who he respected and personally trained.


He had wood brown fur and a scarlet mane, and was always depicted with a blood red scarf/face mask and liberty blue combat overalls. His limbs where always bandaged in worn cloth.

Blade Mastery

His primary weapons where master-crafted swords, each blade was forged from fragments of sky-rock; strange warped black metal that falls from the skies over the Kiln Flats.

His ultimate technique was dubbed Ragnarok. Scriptures of the time claimed that the Ragnarok could kill an opponent 272 times before they hit the ground. He was capable of using swords to exploit gaps in dragon scales which made him effective at slaying dragons.

He is considered the patron of Stalker, Warrior, Hot Blooded and Ranger adventurers.

Age of the Dragons

Ponryu fought alongside Heartsbane and Loran against the Dragons that roosted atop the mountain pass in between the Old Kingdom and Loria. Sometime afterward he and Heartsbane fell out, most probably over the Dredgedeep incident, after a battle so fierce that it shook the mountains, the two where banished from Loria, Ponryu was sent west where he was never heard from again.


  • Ponryu is the OC of Kage Kitsoon, and is a canonical character in Buck: Legacy.

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