Lunanne I or Lunanne the Sentinel is the Queen regnant of Loria. She ascended to the throne after her older brother King Arthur IV abdicated following failure to act on the Nagapon threat that seized the Old Kingdom. She earned the title Sentinel for organising the deployment of massed forces to stop the Nagapon advance.


Lunanne is a strong, charismatic leader who maintains strong personal relationships with leaders of the various orders in the Mage's Guild, commanders of the Blackguard, as well as trade ministers and Adventurers who have show exceptional bravery worthy of recognition. By remembering her subject's names and talking with them, she is able to react to a crisis quickly by delivering messages herself to the correct recipient. She takes time for each citizen, listening to their worries and concerns and holds true to her promises.


Lunanne is a Unicorn pony with light creamy fur and Yale blue mane. She wears Cobolt blue mascara and has Maya blue eyes. The sign of her house are sapphires, which are always implemented into her dresses and mane. For each public appearance, a new dress is fabricated and customised depending on the type of appearance.

Advisors (Buck: Legacy)

  • Ebony Bloodrose (former) maintained a close relationship as Arch-Necromancer with Lunanne until she was stripped of her place in the Mage's Guild and exiled.
  • Master Engineer Chet is in charge of the Tesla guild and informs Lunanne on technical progress.

Advisors (Buck: Legacy :- Loria in Flames)


Lunanne enforces several doctrines that went into effect at the start of her reign to ensure the safety of Loria:

  • Penal Armed Forces. Criminals are recruited for frontline duties against the Nagapon, after serving their sentence, a large portion stay in the army.
  • Technical Advances. The Universitarium has received enormous funding to study new technologies, which they spend on raw materials and sending Adventurers to find Gauss machines to study.

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