The process of 'Scuttling' is when an in-development project is cancelled and it's assets are stripped for use in another.

Examples of Scuttled projects in Buck: Legacy include:

Dark Ambition & Frontier Edit

Originally developed as two separate themed expansions for Buck: Legacy 1st Edition, the decision was made to fuse them together to form one large themeless expansion, now known simply as the 'Buck: Legacy 1st Edition expansion'.

Dark Ambition was brought back as a 14 card Buck: Legacy 2nd Edition themed expansion.

Buck: Legacy Tabletop RPG Edit

Known only as the Buck: Legacy Tabletop RPG, this project was an ambitious drive to meet the demands of fans of the Buck: Legacy. The project was going to feature the Ubiquity system.

After the project was announced that it was cancelled, the scuttled gameplay mechanic assets where used in Roan, the Pulp Adventure RPG.