An Adventurer holding a Teslonetic Transmogrifier

In the world of Buck: Legacy, storing and using electricity hasn't been fully developed yet, instead ponies depend on a liquid form of electrical energy called Tesla. It's applications are for powering small devices, lights and weapons. Steampunk Artificers specialise in the research, development and production of Tesla technology.

Using Tesla

All Adventurers carry pressurised cylinders that store Tesla, they can be filled when visiting Urbem Sanctem or from portable cylinders. These capacitors and cylinders are very heavy and can store a maximum of 8 point of Tesla. Tesla can be spent at any time according to restrictions on an item's effect.

Recharging Tesla

Tesla can be recharged during the Market Turn at Urbem Sanctem by spending 5 gold pieces per point of Tesla (Steampunk Artificers can recharge Tesla for 0 gold pieces per point of Tesla, and can hold a maximum of 10).


Tesla is based on Gauss technology, but Tesla is not advanced enough to create complex Gauss robots or weapons. Since Tesla is reverse engineered from Gauss, the two are compatible in a number of instances where Tesla can be used to reactivate, recharge and reprogram a number of simple Gauss robots and weapons.

Tesla is manufactured by condensing mana into a liquid form and applying electricity to it, the volatile liquid is then injected into a pressurised cylinder for storage and transportation.


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