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In Buck: Legacy, Valaria of Harrenstone is recognised as the second largest threat to Loria's safety. Being Queen, she has complete control of the Nagapon armies. In addition to being incredibly talented as a commander, she boasts extreme skill in combat - which is improved by her Staff of Disintegration.


Intelligence supplied by the Batpony corps and Stalker agents, Valaria is a cold, indifferent and cruel ruler. Nagapon society respects strength, which she uses to beat her subjects into submission and force them to keep in line. Despite her violent tendencies, she is usually quiet and observant; preferring tactical approaches to problems and only engaging her strengths when there is significant gain, such as useful territory or supplies.


Valaria is a Nagapon pony with chamoisee coloured fur and scales. Her weapon exhibits a black light-absorbing Magic Aura. Her battle armour is steel blue with blood red highlights that match her eyes. Her mane is jasmine yellow and tied in a ponytail.


  • The character's name and title is rumoured to be a reference to Valarian Steel and Harrenhall from A Song of Ice and Fire