Power-hungry, aggressive and infinitely strong, Valvor the Devourer is the greatest threat to Loria since the Age of the Dragons. He is the undisputed Emperor of the Nagapon and has overall command of the forces besieging Loria. He appeared 9 years ago when his forces took the Obsidian Citadel, even the Blackguard fear him. His immediate goal is to take over Loria, which is the only civilisation north of the Roaring Oceans capable of defeating him and his armies. He is the final Boss in Buck: Legacy.


Valvor is a narrow minded dictator who rules with sadistic pleasure. Punishment for failing to carry out his orders are immediate death; he is presented with any soldiers, generals and even princesses who have shamed him in battle and swallows them alive and whole in a violent and stomach turning public performance to assert his authority over his subjects. He resides in deep hollow chambers under the Obsidian Citadel, where he commands his armies and plans his next movements. He laughs at any challenge and willingly finds excuses to kill.


Towering at 40 feet high and clad in thick plated armour, Valvor is terrifying to behold. His helmet and chest is plated in inch-thick steel that no arrow, sword or arbalest can penetrate, adorned with grotesque spikes, chains and startlingly huge crystals. His most impressive features are his enormous arms that protrude from the spines on his back, which are capable of producing enough crushing power to grind rock to dust and bend reinforced steel with ease.