Watch Commander Elia is a popular Unicorn pony who appears on several cards in Buck: Legacy. She is a senior officer of the Blackguard with excellent fighting prowess. She is easily recognised by her signature bunny ears and Black Lily emblem.


Elia is a hardworking and determined pony. She is not afraid to put herself in the line of fire and actively contributes to the fight against the demon threat in the Abyssal Fortress. She has an affinity for cute aesthetic and her personal quarters are rumoured to be adorned with colourful stuffed animals and childish affections.


Elia is a Unicorn pony with a pale saffron coat and carrot orange hair and avocado eyes. She wears Bunny ears to enhance her performance and is equipped with plate metal with the sigil of the Black Lily embossed into the breast and flank, highlighted with gold leaf.


Elia maintains a professional relationship with Queen Lunanne, and is occasionally summoned to the small court, where updates on the Nagapon situation are made to members of the council. Thanks to this interpersonal relationship; Elia is able to receive greater supplies and reinforcements considerably faster. Other duties include overseeing recruitment, training and combat operations.

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